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This is the official home of the Champions GO 9-oh! rodeo coaching program. I’m Kelly Timberman and my passion is helping you to become a rodeo champion. If you’re a professional rodeo athlete, or a college or high school rodeo athlete, you know how tough the road can be. My goal is to provide for you the inspiration, motivation and tools you need to fulfill your dreams of becoming a champion. It’s the kind of information that I wish I had when I started out. So here on the website we’re building a program where you can find all those resources gathered in one place.

Very soon the website will feature three main sections. Our Champions Go-90! training course, a podcast and a place for downloadable resources. We’re adding to it all the time so keep checking back.

 The Champions GO 9-Oh! Podcast

The Champions GO 9-oh! podcast is built to chornicle my personal journey and show you how the principles of the Champions rodeo coaching program look in real life. And along the way, we celebrate the inspiring courage and commitment of some of the finest professional athletes in the world. And, each episode contains one pro tip that will hopefully inspire you to achieve more than you thought possible.


We will be adding to this page downloadable inspiration and instructions that we hope help you become the best you can be.

Join Us for the Journey

Remember, champions always go for ninety – that means – they give it a full-out effort every time. No matter what it is in life or in your rodeo career.

Let’s do this!


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Power Positive E-Book