Episode 02: The Return to Competition

Episode 02: The Return to Competition

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After a 4-year absence from competition, Kelly Timberman returns to the most physically demanding event in rodeo, bareback riding. Determined to put the training and technique from the Champions GO 9-oh rodeo coaching system to work, Kelly begins his quest for a return to Las Vegas and another world title.


Join host Bryan Lessly in this episode we recap Kelly’s first month back to competition, beginning in Guymon, Oklahoma. Kelly also recounts his return to Canada and his ride on Special Delivery, the son of Grated Coconut. Grated Coconut was perhaps Kelly’s most well-known career ride to date, setting a bareback scoring record. Just like his ride several years ago on Grated Coconut, the weather turned, and it began to hail as he was about to ride Special Delivery. How weird is that? Check out the video below.


Pro Tip

Each episode ends with Kelly’s pro tip of the week. In this episode, it’s all about something quite unusual: getting a blood test. While it may sound a bit out of the ordinary, Kelly explains why it’s important for each rodeo athlete to know their baseline bloodwork statistics in order for them to understand what’s happening with their fitness levels.


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