Episode 03: Ghosts of the past in Casper

Champions Go 9-oh Episode 1

Episode 03: Ghosts of the past in Casper

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When Kelly Timberman committed to putting the principles of the Champions GO 9-oh rodeo coaching system to work in the real world with his own personal comeback, he promised to share to good, the bad and the ugly.

In this episode, while on the road to the finals, Kelly stopped for a big rodeo in his hometown of Casper, Wyoming and something very, very unusual happened. But it’s all about taking your experiences, learning from them, and moving forward.

Pro Tip

In this week’s Champions GO 9-oh Pro Tip of the week Kelly describes the step-by-step process of getting the most from your 50%. What does this mean? And how does it apply to every rodeo athlete? Kelly will let you know.

As always- THANK YOU for listening. Share the experience with friends if you find what you hear meaningful. And we always want your feedback. Leave us a comment below!


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