Episode 04: The Long Weekend

Episode 04: The Long Weekend

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There’s one thing certain if you’re a rodeo athlete who is serious about competing for world title. You will spend a lot of time behind the windshield of your rig travelling from one state to the next.

In this episode, it was perhaps one of Kelly’s busiest weekends, having competed in four states in the Western U.S. Two paydays later he managed to move into a milestone position in the world standings, despite a nagging injury.

Along the way, Kelly tells us about a young man he met who suffered through a terrible tragedy that nearly took his life. From that experience, Kelly drew unexpected strength and was able to provide encouragement at the same time.

Pro Tip

In this week’s Champions GO 9-oh Pro Tip of the week Kelly harkens back to perhaps something your mom may have taught you- cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keeping things neat and tidy, from your truck, to your personal appearance, is vital when travelling down the road toward a successful pro career.

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Here is Kelly’s ride on Ankle Biter at the California Rodeo in Salinas, CA.


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