Episode 07: It’s Who You Know (and who you don’t)

Go 9-oh! Episode 7. It's who you know, and who you don't.

Episode 07: It’s Who You Know (and who you don’t)

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It’s coming down to crunch time in the PRCA season. The playoffs are fast approaching and rodeo athletes are scrapping for every extra point and micro-second they can get as they fight for those coveted spots in the WNFR.

In today’s episode Kelly gives us some insight on what most rodeo riders are going through right now as they focus on the finals. We’ll also give some examples of students from the program who are succeeding right now.

Go 9-oh! for the Road

In this week’s Champions GO 9-oh for the Road we delve into the topic of the importance of those with whom you associate. There is a saying that you are the average of your five closest friends. This means it is vitally important to spend your time wisely when it comes to your associates.

It isn’t easy at all to break ties if you have to. But in the long run, champions make tough decisions and leave behind the negative influences in their lives. To be a champion, you need to associate with champions. As the old saying goes, thoroughbreds like to run with thoroughbreds.


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