Episode 05: A Huge Change in Plans

Episode 05: A Huge Change in Plans

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Where do you go when you are face to face with a road block?

When Kelly Timberman began his comeback this season after a 4-year retirement from bareback riding he was committed to sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. The purpose of which was to show a real-life application of his Champions Go 9-oh coaching system. Well… in this episode, there’s no sugar coating it, it’s the ugly.

Kelly’s road to the 2016 NFR came to an abrupt end after an unexpected injury at Cheyenne’s Frontier Days Rodeo. It is the kind of event that happens to every rodeo athlete at least once or twice in their career.

In this episode we find out just exactly what happened and how Kelly is working to turn a huge negative into a positive. Kelly finds several silver linings and outlines a plan for moving forward, using principles from the Champions Go 9-oh coaching system. In fact, Kelly’s road to the finals continues.

Here is video of Kelly’s last ride in Cheyenne. The horse is Flash Card Champ of Korkow Rodeo. Kelly’s score was 84 pts. Good enough for a 10th place finish.


Here is the x-ray of Kelly’s broken foot. Ouch!











Pro Tip

In this week’s Champions GO 9-oh Pro Tip of the week Kelly tackles the very appropriate topic of how to handle great disappointment. How to reframe your mindset and adjust your thinking when your plans go awry.

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