Episode06: The Power of a Smile

Episode06: The Power of a Smile

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After the foot injury at Cheyenne’s Frontier Days, Kelly Timberman has spent more time on the couch this past week than he’s used to. Injury is a part of rodeo and in this episode Kelly tells us his mindset as he contemplates what happened, and the opportunities that it presents.

While resting and recovering, Kelly did have a chance to watch a bit of the Olympics. He makes an astute observation in this episode about the champion’s mindset and how the Go 9-oh! program hits on the universal themes that make a champion, not only in the Olympics or in rodeo, but in life.

Go 9-oh! for the Road

And, on our Go 9-oh! for the Road segment (formerly pro-tips), Kelly gives us a very simple thing that you can put into practice today. And it makes a big difference in your outlook and your interaction with others. It’s simple, it is the power of a smile.

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